Relationship Coaching 

To make that

relationship thrive

Your life partner, your child, a parent or a sibling, a friend or colleague, your boss: Change an important relationship that is weighing heavy on you, so you can finally release the burden, be relieved and liberated and enjoy your life and relationship to the fullest.

Imagine how your life would be, 

if the relationship that is troubling you would work the way you need it to work

We cannot escape our relationships. 

We will always have partners, parents, siblings, friends, colleagues, neighbors.

When we have a relationship in our life that is not working well, it drains us of energy.

But, when it goes well, it gives us wings, you know that uplifting and light feeling, ahhh....

So, if we cannot escape in our relationships, why not make them the best relationship they can be?

Why is Relationship Coaching effective?

You are unique and each relationship is unique.

This is why you need tools and solutions that work for you.

Through 1 on 1 insightful discussions, the right questions at the right time

and the relationship tools used by today's top coaches and psychologists,

I'll guide you to find and choose the personalized solutions to make

your relationship the way you want and need it to be.

What relationship is it for you?

Your Partner

For most of us, our partners are the most important persons in our lives. And because we care so much, those relationships are the ones that cause the most intense emotions, arguments and issues.

Believe me, it's not worth going on like this, when there are such great ways in which can improve your relationship and make it beautiful.

Let's lift up your relationship!

Family Member

These are relationships that we are born with and cannot run away from: parents, siblings and extended family. Additionally, he have our children. All these people are essential in our lives.

An unhappy relationship with a family member is a huge burden.

Let's heal it to be well and whole.

At Work

If the relationship with a colleague or your direct manager is giving you a hard time, it's time to do something about it.

We spend one third of our lives at work, we should really have positive relationships. 

It's really worth improving them, so let's make sure we enjoy going to work everyday. 

Someone Else?

There are so many other relationships in our lives, that affect our well-being: friends, neighbors, teachers and the list can go on and on. Some of them never fail to trouble us.

Instead of wasting our energy and remaining in the same pattern, let's improve that relationship, enjoy relief and move on with our lives.

Happiness cannot be found

where relationships are struggling.”

How is your relationship with your partner going?

Your partner is your primary loyalty. This relationship can stir up in you all possible emotions: on one hand anger, grief, guilt, disappointment, on the other hand joy, gratitude, lightness and love.

I know that both you and your partner want the latter, but right now you don't know how to get there. The good news is that you do have the power to make your relationship even better than it was in the beginning, you just need the right tools. Believe me, these tools are amazing and work, I love them with all my heart and so will you.

How would your life be if the relationship with your partner would be the way you want it to be? Well, then let's make it so.

How are the other important relationships in your life?

You cannot truly find happiness and peace, if there is a relationship that is weighing heavy on your heart: your mother, your teenage son, your older sibling, a childhood friend, your direct manager and the list can go on and on. Which one is it for you?

You might say you've tried everything or that it's too late and that the other person will never change. But these are all excuses and you know better than that! 

You can transform that relationship and I would love to show you how. Really, why waste more time carrying that weight? Let's just heal it.

What my beloved clients Say


I have breakthroughs in every session with Diana. I love that it's so practical and at the same time detailed. She is informed and has awesome resources. I really needed someone so action oriented. 

I recommend Diana if you look for clarity in your problem, easy and actionable steps to get the results you want and a person to cheer for you and not let you give up.

Laura Tufis

Utrecht, Netherlands


I asked Diana to help me in a difficult time, when my relationship, my health and my business weren't going well. I got a lot of mental and emotional support, but the most valuable was the support in the relationship to my mom, because it improved all the other aspects in my life.

Tamara Sutherland

Vancouver, Canada


Diana has an incredibly good vibe and you can feel her desire and commitment to help you. She is very empathetic and professional. With her guidance, I managed to organize my thoughts, identify the areas I wanted to work on, defining my priorities and getting a new outlook on my life.
I am grateful for the work Diana and I did together.
Thank you for coaching me towards my dreams!

Stefania Radu

Bucharest, Romania

You will benefit from proven relationship tools

My coaching methods and relationship tools are the ones that 

I apply in my own relationships, my clients use and are proven to work

My ethics, my values and my heart wouldn't allow me 

to offer you something that I don't believe in. They're really food for the soul.

I am excited to share them with you and guide you in improving your relationships.

And with this, in leading a happier, freer and... longer life.

The best thing about these tools is that once you get them,

ALL your relationships will shift and start flourishing.

The first session is always free.

Our sessions can be weekly, bi-weekly or when you need them.

 ALL my clients say that the price is the best one out there

I chose it, so it's no barrier for you.

Diana Firican

Hi! I am so happy you are here. I like you already and welcome you from the bottom of my heart!

I am 33, wife, daughter, friend, coach, entrepreneur, yoga teacher. I like to dance, throw parties and... eat pizza. I love otters, giraffes and sloths. But most of all I love people. 

I can feel how deep down, you, as well as the people in your life need each other to be happy. My biggest joys, as well as my biggest sorrows come from my relationships. The good news is that any relationship can be turned around, no matter how many years it has not been working well or what has happened between you and the other.

You might say you've tried everything. Well, not really. Let's connect, share your story with me and I'll share mine. I will guide you with warmth and love. Let's make that relationship the way you want it to be!

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