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About me


Hi! I'm Diana

I'm so happy you're here, this is the place to be!

Yoga & the rest

I’ve been a Yoga Instructor since 2013 in Vancouver, Canada.

I teach Hatha, Power, Deep Stretch & Relax, Yang & Yin, Prenatal Yoga & fitness.

I am a coach, certified by Robbins Madanes Training (RMT) – Tony Robbins’s coaching school.

and: I worked as a Project Manager at Vancouver General Hospital, obtained a Master of Science in Germany and I remain very passionate about change management.

What I believe in

I believe in health & physical activity, in order to able to enjoy life, so get enough sleep, eat healthy and move your body!

I believe in learning & experimenting, as ways to evolve towards the best version of yourself, so get out of your comfort zone!

I believe in connection & relationships, as source of great happiness and fulfillment, so always give your 100%!

I believe in love for everyone and everything, as the ultimate answer to every question, so keep your heart open.


You have a superhero within you and you can feel it’s there.

It lays within YOUR power to find happiness. The moment you take ownership of this, you become unstoppable.

Reveal the superhero within you and create the life you desire. AHA is here to support your journey.