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Thank you for the food – Short and effective gratitude exercise to enhance your eating experience

Yum-yum   If you’re anything like me, you love food. Food is like a hobby and the source of many pleasurable sensations. Oh, right now I wish for some delicious omelette with green onion and feta cheese… or warm vegetable cream soup… or a juicy burger…   Nom-nom   On the other hand, it happens quite often that I sit at my laptop and at lunch...

Breathe and have a blast – Change your state with just 3 breaths

Wait, wait, don’t read just yet! Notice your state: What’s there? Restlessness? A little bit of stress? Maybe tiredness? Lack of patience or enthusiasm? … or mere relaxation? Close your eyes and observe.   Now, … Relax the shoulders and the neck; they’ve been carrying the weight of a lot of problems. Relax your facial muscles and the jaw, where you’ve clenched...