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About AHA

It's fun, positive energy, courage and useful information. We publish articles, videos, courses and other resources.


  • We practice yoga & meditation, breathing & visualization exercises
  • We approach relevant topics such as decision making, intention setting, relationships with yourself & others, building of new sustainable habits and maaany more…
  • We share tools & resources that actually work for a life full of purpose & passion
  • We argue against myths, because we think for ourselves

The perfect recipe, I’m telling you for sure!

Why? Because yoga, through its philosophy, poses, mudras & mantras opens you to learning, self-knowledge, evolution & revealing of the immense potential within you.



  • Know that every day lived without purpose is wasted
  • Feel you are created for something great
  • Want to live with dedication and passion
  • Want to enjoy fully the present moment
  • Want to make conscious decisions
  • Want to fulfill your dreams: stop procrastinating, lose weight, improve a relationship, be a better parent/ partner/ colleague, increase your performance, etc.

If you crossed paths with AHA, it happened for a reason.



Read a blog post and you’ll know what I mean.

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PS: AHA is still a baby, with mega-plans (they say that if your dreams don’t scare, they’re not big enough). We still need a logo and photos and so much more… but all will happen at the right time, micro-step by micro-step, so that your experience with us is mind-blowing and awakening.