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Yoga, Breathing & Meditation

Yoga shows up in your life when you most need it. At AHA we practice it, we explain it and we make it accessible. Feel the benefits in your strong & flexible body, in your present and relaxed mind, in your light and open heart!

Connection & Relationships

Healthy relationships are an infinite source of vitality, while the unhealthy ones drain you of energy. Transform each of your relationships into an extraordinary one. Find out how! All starts with you.

Health & Wellbeing

When you are on the right path, when you are true to yourself, when you are constantly evolving towards the best version of yourself, you feel awesome. Meaning you feel presence, determination, strength, energy, high vibration... Show of hands who wants to feel this!

Life is good at AHA

It’s fun, positive energy, courage & useful information.

We publish articles, videos, courses & other resources.

We practice yoga and breathing, meditation, visualization exercises, we discuss relevant topics such as decision making, setting of intentions, relationships, creating new sustainable habits, (and maaany more)…


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There is always a book/story/own experience Diana will share with you and because you can relate so well, it will make you feel safe and understood.

If you are looking for a funny, warm, lovely yoga teacher, your search has come to an end. The yoga sessions are absolutely doable for beginners and on top of that you get to reflect on the very interesting, profound ideas which go with each yoga session.

This mix of yoga and self-knowledge-related topics helps me reconnect with myself, but it also gives me some tools to use in daily life.