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Take it easy – 5 ways to meditate when you are restless (Part 2)

Hi there! This is the Part 2 of the “Take it easy – 5 ways to meditate when you are restless”. Please start with Part 1 by clicking here. If you’ve already read Part 1, hurray! Here are the last (and most awesome) 2 techniques for you:

4. Visceral ‘yes’ vs. visceral ‘no’
This is the best way to ask your body, which is infinitely wise, what to do in a situation. Here’s how this technique works:

First: say in your mind a statement that is true (e.g. the sun rises in the East). Say it convinced, with your whole being. How does it feel? Is it a light, relaxed or confident feeling? How would you describe it?

Secondly: say in your mind a statement that is false (e.g. my name is Pandora, unless this is your name ?). How does it feel this time? Is it heavy, tense or weak? How is it different from the first question?

Try it out. You will get this after a few times of practice.

Then get to your real question: “Should I take the new job offer or not?”. Say in your mind, with your whole being: ‘I am accepting the job’. Say it several times and assess how you feel. Then say in the most convinced way possible, the opposite: ‘I am NOT accepting this job’. How does this feel? What feels better? When do you get lighter feeling?
Your body knows what is best for you. You can call it intuition, inner teacher, higher self or divinity. Meditation helps you connect with this wisdom. This wisdom is accessible to you ANYTIME. Use it!

5. Ask a question
I left this to the end, because I like it the most.

After you’ve entered the relaxed state, ask an open-ended question, e.g. ‘How can I move forward in my career?’ or ‘what should I do to improve my relationship with my father-in-law?’. Ask the question and see what comes up. Usually, the first thing that comes to mind is the best answer.

I once asked: ‘how can I grow the AHACommunity?’ and the first answer that revealed itself to me was ‘partnership’. I had never ‘thought’ of that, but the answer was there. I just had to ‘close my eyes to see it’. 

There is no thought leader, no article, no book, no study, no successful person that I know, to say ‘do not meditate’. On the contrary, many attribute their success, well-being, happiness, health, to meditation

Find your bliss within you. It’s there, it just needs you to uncover it. You are pure love and light. When you are connected to yourself, you have found ALL that you are looking for.

Share share share with me what worked for you, so we can celebrate together :).

Diana Firican

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