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My shower meditation – wash off the bad stuff

… and replace it with the good stuff!

The morning shower is one of my favourite moments of the day. Following the workout, it gives me the relaxation that I need (and I feel I deserve) and the peace before a full day. Ohhh…

Now that we’re here, before I actually go into the topic I promised, I will share 3 shower tips for an energized day (I can’t help it, sorry):

  1. After you apply the soap or gel, massage your body with both hands to increase your blood flow. Press with the tips of your fingers and follow the lines of your body.
  2. Be aware of what you are putting on your skin. Try choosing organic products (heads up: they don’t always smell as intense and heavenly as the other ones) and that have been created in a sustainable way (no animal experiments, poor people exploitation or environment destruction). Yes, they are harder to find, but even the awareness and active looking for these types or products are huge steps in the right direction.
  3. Alternate hot and cold water to bring your senses to life, to revitalize and energize yourself at the beginning of the day (or whenever you shower). It requires some determination, but I promise it’s worth it – you feel like a new person!

Now, back to our topic: the shower meditation. Given that the shower is a moment with myself for myself, it has a meditative character, the same way knitting, washing dishes, dancing or fishing has for other people.

This is why, at some point, I let the water run down my skin, close my eyes and say with my inner voice:

May this blessed shower free me from everything that I don’t need. May any doubt, worry, fear, thought or feeling that doesn’t serve me be eliminated with this water and be replaced by confidence, determination, inspiration, creativity, peace and love.

I picture how everything that doesn’t serve me releases and disappears and I am filled with light. The feeling associated is a light heart, deeply calming breath, relaxed, but at the same time strong body.

You can say whatever you desire or resonate with. You can eliminate anger, sadness or hate and replace them with joy, patience and compassion. Believe me, you’ll know what to ask for, have faith and open your heart.

What do you say, will you try it tomorrow?

Diana Firican

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