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Thank you for the food – Short and effective gratitude exercise to enhance your eating experience



If you’re anything like me, you love food. Food is like a hobby and the source of many pleasurable sensations. Oh, right now I wish for some delicious omelette with green onion and feta cheese… or warm vegetable cream soup… or a juicy burger…




On the other hand, it happens quite often that I sit at my laptop and at lunch time, I just eat while working. I take one bite after the other, until, at some point, I realize there is only 1 tiny piece of lettuce or a lonely olive rolling in my bowl. Where did it all go? And then, because I’ve eaten too fast and without involving my brain and senses in the process, I start feeling too full, unsatisfied… and sluggish.

I also think that some of us have forgotten how it feels like to be hungry.

We have such facile access to food, that we are not valuing it anymore (and I am the first one guilty of this). Furthermore, we are what we eat (the cliche of our time). And we are also the result of how we approach food, what importance we’re giving it and the awareness we have while eating.


Great, great gratitude


I woke up one good Saturday (good day indeed) without setting my alarm (well, Mr. Rasta the cat was purring loudly because it was past his eating time) and I started making breakfast. Or brunch, because it sounds cooler.

A very popular brunch of the Vancouverites nowadays is: (preferably gluten-free) toast, avocado, cherry tomatoes, and pouched eggs, with black pepper on top… OK, I’m drooling right now.

Both Mr. Husband and I were hungry and we sat down. I grabbed one toast and right when I was more than ready to ‘inhale’ it, I looked at the slice on my plate: it was beautiful, colorful and smiling. And it was healthy, too.


I put down the toast I had in my hand, right next to the other. How wonderful that:

  • I have the privilege to have food on my plate
  • The food on my plate is SO tasty, good-looking and healthy
  • I can fill my belly in such a pleasant way for all my senses
  • I am sharing this ritual with Mr. Husband, who feels the same


And out of this great gratitude, I couldn’t help but put my hands together at heart center and say in my mind:


Thank you for this wonderful food.

Thank you sun, rain, plants, animals, insects, whole nature and people who contributed, so that I can enjoy this meal now.

I send you gratitude and love for your effort put into this.

I promise to do my best to do good with the energy I’m about to gain through this food, so that your work has served towards something great.


And I felt even better, the moment was even more beautiful, the food was even more delicious.


It’s simple, fast and easy to say a few words of gratitude before you start eating. We are so lucky to have these moments. So, given that the season of shared meals is approaching, let us:

  • Stop
  • Thank
  • And enjoy TO THE FULLEST!


Merry Christmas with light hearts, happy smiles, beautiful people, much love… and genuine gratitude.


Diana Firican

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