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May your meditation be easy (3 unexpected tricks)

Now that I’ve convinced you (for good!) how beneficial it is to meditate and busted the limiting myths around meditation in a previous post, your have no excuse

“That’s what you think, Diana!”

I’m joking, of course, because we usually need some time to establish a new habit. Some say 21 days, others, the more cautious ones, say 28 days.

I say (because I need to have an opinion ?), that you will not establish a habit until you will feel its benefits. “If and only if”, as my math teacher used to say.

In other words, you are going to establish a habit when it either brings you pleasure (in any shape or form: peace, fun, growth, etc.), or it helps you avoid pain (physical, emotional, etc.).

How does this sound to you?

EACH AND EVERY ONE of your habits meets the above mentioned expectations (I offer a prize for a counter-example).

This means you will start mediating regularly, when you will feel the benefits. And at that point it will not be a to-do to check off your list, it will be a way of living. It will simply… be (oh, how I love that state).

Nevertheless, what depends on you (“oh no, not again”), is to allow for some time until you feel the benefits. Have a little bit of patience with YOURSELF and your practice. You are where you need to be now. TRUST THE PROCESS.

And putting the blah-blah aside, I have 3 tricks for you, so your meditation becomes easy-peasy.

Read until the end, because the last one is my favorite.

  1. Make sure you’re warm, calm, comfortable.

The idea is to have an enjoyable temperature in the room you’re meditating. It is really unpleasant to meditate if you’re too cold or too warm.

I tried once to meditate in an unheated room and I could only feel my frozen fringers… good luck with connecting to your inner self, especially if you’re just beginning with meditation.

It’s true that, once time passes by, you start experiencing the “withdrawal of the senses”, meaning you will be able to perceive more the inner reality, than the external factors, like sound, for example. But until then, let us create an space that supports us.

Avoid external distraction: voices, the sound of the washing machine, the noise of cars, your loved ones doing their thing in your proximity. Choose the right moment of the day to meditate. Be creative, for example use headphones.

Do you prefer intense sunlight or an intimate atmosphere created by a dim light?

And very important: avoid uncomfortable clothes, that are too tight or bother you. Choose soft textiles, that make you feel good.

Use pillows, blanket and anything else you need, as long as your back is flat – an uninterrupted channel of energy.

You know best, what is best for you.

  1. Ambiance & atmosphere that inspire you.

When you enter a church, the smell of frankincense and the light through the stained glass give you a certain feeling.

When you enter a restaurant, the décor, the background music, the set-up of the tables inspire you in a certain way.

My suggestion to you is to create a simple and easy to implement ritual around meditation. I really like the atmosphere created by scented candles, incense sticks or essential oils.

Maybe you like a background of instrumental music or sound of waves.

What inspires YOU to meditation & relaxation?

  1. You must engage in order to release.

I love this! If you engage your muscles and then relax them, it is way easier to sit still in mediation.

In yoga we practice “asanas”, meaning poses, and then we meditate, but you can do any type of movement that engages your muscles, increases your heart rate and your blood flow: 10 jumping jacks, 5 squats, holding plank for 15 seconds.

My favorite: inhale and engage your fists, lift the shoulder to the ears, engage you belly and scruff your face, hold your breath at the top, then exhale out the mouth relaxing fists, arms, shoulders, belly, face. Do this 3 times. This engaging-relaxing sequence helps you to sit easier into and deepen your meditation practice.

You’re ready, you can start!

Mediation is a treat. Indulge in it, you deserve it!

Stay tuned for 3 types of mediation for you try.

Much love !

Diana Firican


  • Felicia

    March 3, 2018 at 10:16 am

    Really love your article Diana! I like how you’ve broken down the steps so well and that helps with encouragement – I also completely agree with your “habit-forming” rationalisation. Having gotten into a fairly regular habit of meditation I definitely support your argument 🙂 Looking forward to your next post!