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Save your day with the SAVERS – 6 habits for an awesome day!

I hear people saying all the time they woke up ‘on the wrong side of the bed’. I suggest not to let your morning into the hands of hazard, but rather make it depend 100% on you!

Yeah, I too have days, when I wake up and can’t wait for it to be night again, BUT I have some super-powerful practices that set me up for success.

Hal Elrod, after an almost deadly accident (the guy didn’t breathe for quite a while), which changed the trajectory of his life completely (not only his car’s), created the concept of miracle morning. I can even picture a rainbow and the sun rising on a background of classical music (although I’m not sure there can be rainbows at sunrise…).

Anyway, this is about 6 habits for the start of the day, specific to people that are happy‘, ‘fulfilled’, ‘successful’, ‘who make things happen – whichever way of saying this sounds better to you.

He found this genius acronym SAVERS for the morning habits. They help you start with power, reconnect to yourself, with your intentions and give you the motivation and internal resources you need to realize what you want TODAY.

These morning habits CHANGED MY LIFE, I am not kidding you. I’ll share with you in a future post what I do every morning before work, but until then, here are the SAVERS:

  1. Silence

Meaning meditation or prayer – to sit in silence calms you down, connects you with you inner self and your deepest wishes and… provides you with the answers you need. It helps you structure and prioritize what your soul wants… but from the most hidden and authentic place: from your truth… without external influences. This is super-powerful!

  1. Affirmations

Statements like ‘I have’, ‘I can’, ‘I am’. They have the power to put you in a state of mind as if you’ve already accomplished your dreams & desires. They give you strength & confidence, they set you up for success, make you feel invincible, help you access your unlimited inner power. Yes, you have unlimited power within ?. Bring it to light!

  1. Visualizations

I love this exercise (come to my yoga classes and we can do it together). Imagine yourself in the situation you desire… What you doing exactly? Who is with you? What do you see around you? And most importantly, what are your uplifting feelings in your body? How does it FEEL to be in your ideal situation?

Everything that exists in this world has been created twice: first in the thought and then in the physical world. Create your dream situation first in your thought, because the thoughts, as well as words, have power of creation. And when you visualize, I invite you to have no limits, don’t set any barriers, dare anything ?!

  1. Exercise

One of my favorite feelings in the world is the one I have after physical activity. How awesome is that feeling? Irrespective of how tired you are, that feeling of satisfaction, mixed with relaxation, of blood running through your veins, muscles pulsating, heart beating… it’s uplifting! In yoga we say ‘you need to engage in order to release’ – meaning that you see life clearer and can site easier in mediation, after you’ve activated the body. This is SO true! And honestly, even if you do some stretching and breathe in and out with the whole capacity of your lungs, it’s already great.

  1. Reading

Whether you read self-help or fiction, reading gives you wings, helps you evolve, broaden your horizon and get to know yourself better (which is essential). When we stop growing… we die (preaches Tony Robbins).

  1. Scribing

Think it – ink it ?. No, this does not include typing on your laptop (although if you became paperless to save the planet, it’s OK). This direct and filter-less transfer on paper allows you to reveal ideas, thoughts and deeply hidden feelings. Be curious and see what you find out. Believe me, you will be surprised!


OK, are you ready to do ALL of them tomorrow?

‘Diana, you are crazy, do you want me to wake up at 3am?’

Hahaaa, just joking! The idea is for you to identify what works best for you. For example, I resonate with SEVR – Silence, Exercise, Visualization, Reading/ Learning… (can’t wait to share with you my morning practices).

What habit will you start with? You can start with just 1 of them, but START! Other habits will follow organically, when you’ll see what difference it makes in your life. Believe me, I know ?.

These micro-steps will make a huge difference in your day! And in your life, for that matter. You are born for greatness and you can feel that within you.

Trust me, you can do this. YOU ROCK!


Diana Firican

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