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I want to do more in less time – 7 unexpected productivity tips

Let me guess: you have a looong to do list and you feel overwhelmed. You feel trapped between work and errands and maybe kids and your social life and all the things you actually want to do for YOURSELF, for your personal well-being, for your soul.

I hear ya…

I put together some of the most surprising productivity tips I’ve learned from the lovely thought leaders I follow (probably over 20 by now…). 

But… be warned: this is not an article about to do lists (although I love and have many many lists), prioritization or reducing social media time. I know you know all those things already. It’s about implementing stuff (beautiful, all-encompassing word), that help you do the things that matter AND bring you the feeling of fulfillment you deserve (yes, it’s your birth right, so start believing it).

So, here’s goes…


1. Sleep 30 min more every night than you do now (Brendon Burchard)

“Say whaaa? I don’t have enough time now and you want me to sleep MORE?”

That is exactly right. Sleep is the most precious gift you can give to yourself. Lack of sleep actually got me into serious health problems, which I will share with you when I will have the courage.

When you get enough sleep, your brain has time to recover, you can focus better, do things faster AND choose consciously what you’re spending your time on. So zzz…


2. Do your work in 50 min increments with 10 minutes break (Brendon Burchard and… my friend Sanziana Marcu ️)

I remember Sanzi saying that this works for her since grade 8 or 9… Smart girl! 

Studies show that you can focus well for 50 minutes and then you need a break. I haven’t been part of those studies, BUT I have heard this too many times to not try it. I set the timer, do dedicated, focused work for 50 minutes then I get up and walk around, use the washroom, etc. and then go back to what I was doing before. Try it out, you’ve got nothing to lose.


3. Do the most important things when you function best (everyone)

I guess this is straight forward. My most productive time is in the morning, when I do things well and fast. And you know what? Even if I don’t go through my whole to do list that day, I get the most important things done and I am satisfied (happiness hormone dopamine released because of that). You’ll be surprised at how many unimportant things we do that actually make no difference in our lives. Leave those ones to the end.


4. Decide on the time for a task then double it (Nisha Moodley) 

To avoid frustration for not getting things done in the allocated time, just allocate more. We tend to underestimate the time we need for a to do. If you do it faster than you’ve expected, then not only you’ll avoid the frustration, but you’ll feel more satisfaction. Set yourself up for success.


5. Ask yourself ‘what’s my why?’ (Nisha Moodley) 

“Wooow! What does this have to do with productivity?” Well, it’s not about productivity, but rather about being happy and fulfilled with the things that you do do.

‘What’s my why?’ reconnects you to your truest and deepest intention. You will be much more productive when you do things from a place of intention. Procrastination is history for you.


6. Answer the question ‘What would make me proud today?’ and choose 5 things for that day (Nisha Moodley & Gabby Bernstein)

Super powerful! This question actually releases you of the unnecessary tasks and activities. Gabby Bernstein suggests to choose 5 things at the beginning of the day and focus on those. Stop adding too many items on your to do list! Focused and purposeful action on the important things FOR YOU is the answer. Your time will never feel unproductive or wasteful.


7.  Never say ‘I don’t have time’ ever again (Diana Firican) 

This amazing person I so right… HAHAHAAA, just kidding!

If you have the belief that there is enough time, that will become your reality. There IS enough time! You have all the time you need to do the things you want to do, even if it seems it’s not feasible. Change your belief and always say YES to the things that are important for you. Do not block the energy by saying “no”, rather say “yes” and you will find a way. I am a living proof that this works. I always get the question ‘how do you have time to do all these things?’. 

It’s because I control my time, time does not control me. I have all the time that I choose to have.

You have all the time you decide to have for the things that are important to you and that you want to do.

Happy productivity towards your happiness & fulfillment!

Diana Firican

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