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How much do you love yourself? 6 signs that not enough (Part 2)

Hi there! This is Part 2 of the article. If you didn’t get a chance to read Part 1, please go here.

If you already went over the first 3 of the signs that you don’t love yourself enough, here are the promised last 3:

  1. You find it hard (if not impossible) to say “no”

… even if it’s not what you want, what is good for you, what you would have chosen for yourself. You feel in your body the weight of that “yes”, and still you don’t say “no”. Discern between the things you have to do, things it’s nice of you to do, things someone else wants you to do.

Life is too short to be a “people pleaser”.

Ask yourself: What you I really want and need in this moment from the bottom of my heart?

Live a life aligned with your true self. There is nothing more valuable than this!

  1. You find it hard to accept compliments

… even if they’re well deserved. Deep down you feel is was good luck that you performed well or that you didn’t do good enough or that anyone else could have done it at least as good, if not better than you did. In your mind you don’t agree with the person paying you the compliment (that you’re beautiful, smart, kind, etc.). So… are your saying that person is either blind or a liar? ?

Most of the times you either turn red or feel the need to make a compliment to return the favor and you change the subject.

When you love yourself, compliments are not needed, they are a bonus at most, an outside confirmation of something you already know on the inside.

Ask yourself: How can I gracefully accept and integrate compliments, allowing them to charge me with positive energy?

  1. You don’t think you’re worthy of love

… because if you did, you would love yourself.

You’re making your life hard, because (1) you can’t receive full-heartedly the love of others and (2) you are constantly afraid you will lose the people you love, because you don’t deserve their love. It’s sad to live your life between these two heavy rocks.

You ARE worthy of love, simply because you exist. You don’t need to do ANYTHING to deserve love. Everything you are is worthy of love because it represents YOU. All the things you like and all the things you want to work on, ALL make a unique and perfect YOU. And all of it is part of a human experience and especially the parts you don’t want to look at, those are the ones that help you grow, they are wonderful opportunities… accept, integrate and transcend them!

Homework: Write on a piece of paper (OK, Word or Notes will do, too) 100 reasons why you are lovable. I bet you will find 100, from the fact that you can make flowers out of napkins, swim crawl, combine colors beautifully, know songs, separate the garbage, stop and smell flowers, have a sense of humor, to the fact that you volunteer at an animal shelter, you help the ones around… and are an infinite source of love.

Remember and integrate: You are a unique combination in the Universe and the world needs YOU TO SHINE. Love yourself and shine your light into the world. Namaste (meaning the light in me sees and salutes the light in you)!

Diana Firican

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